This league is a way to play budget Commander on Magic Online (MTGO). Having some laughs on Discord while playing MTGO with friends has been a blast. You can join us!  Here’s what you do need to do:


Your deck must be under 10 tickets. Your Commander(s) do not count toward your budget. If you want to build a Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer deck, go for it!

Twenty bucks! Maybe not…

How do I Know if my Deck is 10 Tickets?

We use MTGGoldfish’s deck building tool to determine your deck’s price. If Goldfish says it meets the budget then it does. If you want to run more expensive or cheaper copies of cards that’s no problem.

Where do I get cards?

If you’re interested in purchasing cards and building a collection you can go to one of these bot chains like GoatBots, or MTGO Traders.

If you like to try a bunch of different decks out then I recommend a rental service. You can get a free rental account from; or you can sign-up for a paid account (starting at $9.95). ManaTraders has provided us a coupon code for new members to save some money: use Medina_MTG at checkout if you go the paid route.

We’ve built a handful of 7-ticket decks for you to try out with the ManaTraders rental program! Check them out here

How Do We Play?

To jump into a pod, post in the #organize-games channel of the Discord and tag @MTGO CMDR. This will notify a group of us who play regularly, to get a pod together.


Each month I give away Magic Online rewards for achieving great feats while playing in the 10 ticket Commander league. These prizes are available for anybody to win on the dates below in September. Each achievement can be claimed once a day. To see the current achievements click here.

You should now be ready to battle! I cant wait to see you in the Discord. 

<3 JM

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