Calling all Flesh and Blood fans. Its time to launch Alchemist Refuge’s first Flesh and Blood tournament. This unique experience that brings together the fun of Pack Club and the competitiveness of Flesh and Blood. It will be a sealed event which allows you to choose your journey by picking which set to begin with. Each week, additional packs will be opened to supplement your decks. Join us for some wholesome banter on Friday nights and put that competitive spirit to work to win some awesome prizes.


January 21st – February 18th


First Week Buy-invaries depending on set ($23.99 – $59.99)

Weekly 3 Packs – $15 For three weeks beginning January 28th


One game per week on Tabletop Simulator


1st Place – Everfest Booster Box (1st Edition) opened on Pack Club February 18th

2nd Place – Cold Foil Valda, Brightaxe

3rd Place – $25 gift certificate to Alchemist Refuge Shop

All participants – 300 dosh

What Do You Need?

Pack Club Opening Schedule:

Your packs will be opened live during the Pack Club stream each week. The cards will be shipped to you based on your shipping options. The use of Tabletop Simulator allows you to build or tune your deck right away without waiting for the cards to actually arrive. The initial buy in covers the first 6 packs.

January 21st – Each player opens 6 booster packs of their choosing (WTR, ARC, MON, ELE)

You will then be asked to sign up for a weekly subscription of $15 for your weekly packs. This subscription will terminate automatically after 3 weeks. You will be allowed to pick Everfest packs for your supplimnetal packs during the supplimental weeks.

January 28th – Each player opens 3 booster packs (same set as January 21st)
February 4th – Each player opens 3 supplemental booster packs (CRU or EVR)
February 11th – Each player opens 3 supplemental booster packs (CRU or EVR)

Game Play Details:

Each player will use the cards opened on Pack Club to construct a deck on Submit to GerardsTheName#5768 for validation prior to tournament game for the week. Decks must be submitted by Sunday by 9pm EST for that week. Each week, players can tweak their decks based on their pulls from Pack Club.

Tournament brackets and matchups will be posted and All games must be played from Saturday following Pack Club to Thursday of the next week. All matchup times should be coordinated amongst the two players at a convenient time for each. If you have any scheduling difficulties, please reach out to Gerard.

At the end of the four weeks, prizes will be distributed based on standings. In the event of a tie, tied players will play an additional match to determine winner.

Good luck everyone!!


When is the deadline to sign up?
At the start of Pack Club on Friday 1/21/2022. To preserve competitive integrity you will not be able to join once the pools begin to be opened.

Can I reroll for a new pool after I see mine?

Do I need to use Table Top Simulator?

What if I miss watching my pool opened?
You can reference the VOD on our Twitch Channel.

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