Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce our Special Harvest 2021 items and bring you up to speed on some plans for the Dosh Bot. Let’s start with the new items.

New Harvest 2021 Items

For October you’ll be able to find three new items in Treasure Chests. These are limited-time items for October only. You can also find enchanted versions of these special items. Here they are:

Scarecrow’s HatCommon20Once donned by a nameless scarecrow, now it’s traded among peasants for bread and seeds.
Harvest ScytheUncommon50The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
Jack-o’-lanternRare120The glow of the fire inside invited weary travelers to take refuge here.

These are the first non-alpha items to enter the catalog. They will be marked as “Harvest 2021”. And speaking of non-alpha items, “Season One” items are right around the corner.

Alpha Items Rotating Out

In December we’ll be removing Alpha Items from the Treasure Hunts to make room for new Season One items. This will happen on December 1st. A full list of the Alpha items will be published here.

In the Alpha series, some community members were granted signature items. We will carry on the same tradition for Season One items. I’ll be reaching out to 10 people in the community to draft new signature items. I can’t wait to see what we come up with together.

Dosh Quest and Beyond

As some of you know, my hope is to add a “game layer” to the Dosh Bot. In the game layer you’d be able to battle monsters using your gear. We’ve affectionally code-named this project “Dosh Quest” (thank you Complex). We’re still a long way off from this. Right now, we are prioritizing bug fixes, quality of life improvements.

There are also some other core features that I’d like to flesh out before working on Dosh Quest. I’ll keep you updated as we make progress. Until then, I added a change log so that you can see what’s new with Dosh bot.

Working on Dosh Bot has been a delight, thank you all for enjoying it with me. Happy Hunting everyone!

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