Each month I give away Magic Online rewards for achieving great feats while playing in the 10 ticket Commander league. These prizes are available for anybody to win on the dates below. Each achievement can be claimed once a day.

– Thursday, Oct 1st
Thursday, Oct 8th
Thursday, Oct 15th
Thursday, Oct 22th
Thursday, Oct 29th

To claim your prize, post a screenshot of the achievement to the #commander channel on Discord and tag me. I’m looking forward to seeing some crazy screenshots! I’ll see you on the battlefield.

Assembling the LegacyAssemble Urza Tron. Plus cast Skyship Weatherlight and exile 3 pieces of the Legacy.2 Packs
We’re All Going DownKnockout all players simultaneously. (Including yourself)1 Pack
Undead VictoryWin the game at 0 of less life.1 Pack 
Kaldra’s Call Assemble Kaldra.Treasure Chest
MORTAL KOMBAT! Win the game with Mortal Combat.1 Pack
Epic StruggleAt the beginning of your upkeep control twenty or more creatures.1 Pack
The Disney Take DownStart a game with Once Upon a Time (as the first spell you cast) then win with Happily Ever After. 3 Packs
Dealer’s ChoiceA player triggers two alternate win condition cards at the same time.2 Packs
Oath of the GatewatchControl one of each of the following planeswalker types: Nissa, Chandra, Liliana, Jace, while having a Gideon planeswalker in your graveyard.Treasure Chest
You Answer To Me NowControl your own commander and three commander creatures from other players at the same time.2 Packs
It’s Free Real EstatePut ten or more lands into play in a single turn.Treasure Chest
It Burns!Deal 30 non-combat damage to a player.Treasure Chest
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