Pack Club (Monthly) “Ding, Ding, Ding” – 12/01/20

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We had an awesome monthly meeting of Pack Club. There were some great pulls! If you’d like to buy a pack for stream or join Pack Club click here.

What is the Juice Box?

The Juice box is currently available to Pack Club Subscribers who open 3 packs in one stream. It’s a box of 100 juicy cards. If you meet the criteria then you get one FREE random pull from the Juice Box.

To juice things up, I’ve added a Doubling Season to the box to go with the etched foils, extended art rares, and Commander staples. You can also pull, a Booster Tutor from the Box, if you do, then you get to open a booster pack and take the best card in it. Here’s a sample of what’s inside the box.

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