The first rule of Pack Club is …

You have fun at Pack Club.

I know it’s not as iconic as Fight Club’s first rule, but this is a different kind of club. In this club, we hang out and open booster packs on stream! Joining Pack Club will make you part of my weekly /monthly booster pack opening streams, and offer a few other perks. Here’s what you get with each subscription.

1) Packs! The packs you order will be opened on stream, and then sent to you.
1) You’ll save 20% on packs ordered via your subscription. This is an introductory discount, it may change in the future. 
2) You will get notified when I get new products in, and you’ll get the first opportunity to claim them. 
3) You get the choice of when your pack(s) is opened on stream. 


There are currently three tiers that you can sign up for. For each one, you can pick weekly or monthly. They are detailed below:

Standard ($3.99) – The packs being opened on this tier are Standard Legal packs that come from 36 booster pack draft booster boxes. Currently, the set available is Zendikar Rising.

Premium ($7.19) – These packs are a little bit spicier than Standard packs. In this category, you’ll have special products like Commander Legends, and Modern Horizons.

Epic ($23.99) – This tier is for those who like a lot of excitement in thier pack openings. These are the Collector Booster packs! Currently supporting Commander Legends, and Zendikar Rising.


The plan is to do weekly streams and a monthly stream. The weekly Streams are planned for Wednesdays at 7pm EST. The monthly stream is planned for the 1st of every month at 7pm EST. If you missed a stream, don’t worry, you can find them here.

How To Sign Up

Ok, if you’ve read this far then maybe you’re interested in subscribing. Here you can buy a pack for the next stream, or sign up for Pack Club!

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to see how this goes. If it goes well, I have some cool ideas for expanding it. See you at Pack Club!

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