I’m no stranger to financial struggles. Whether it be standing in a food line with my family as a kid, or facing down unemployment and a pandemic as an adult. I know the stress that comes in these moments. I’m also blessed to know the feeling of having my needs met. When someone reaches out with a helping hand and the stress is lifted. It’s my hope that this fund can be that “helping hand” for anyone who might need it.

The Refuge Aid Fund helps people in the Alchemist Refuge community with unexpected needs. Things like food, transportation, shelter, and child needs come to mind. I want to give a shout-out to my good friend Taylor Gunn for coming up with the idea. He also kick-started the fund with his spin-down dice collection.

How to Get Help

If you need help simply fill out this form.

It will be sent to a small group of administrators. They will decide whether to pay it out or decline it. All requests are confidential.

How is this Funded?

This is funded by the community. Here’s how:

Spin Down Sales – Every time someone buys a random spindown, those funds are deposited in the Refuge Fund.

Direct Deposits – There are some community members who reached out to add some money to fund to get us started.

Donations – We’ve also has some cool items donated to sell and add money to the fund.


For transparentcy sake, I’ve created a spreadsheet with the accounting of the fund. No personal information is shared for donors or those who recieve aid, but the numbers are accounted for. Click here to view the sheet.

Thank you to all the generous people who helped make this happen. This is a brand new thing for me to adminsister so keep in mind, things may change as we figure things out. You can always look back to this page for the latest info on the Fund.

Much Love,
Jonathan Medina

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