It’s that season again and after checking out the full Strixhaven spoiler last week the First Pioneers dialed up their good friend Jonathan Medina (from MedinaStreams on Twitch and medina_mtg on Twitter) and asked him to hang out and go over all of the Pioneer possibilities of the new set. We talked competitive cards, we talked jank, and we also talked about cards that we thought would be fun overall in the Pioneer format. This week’s show covers only the mono colored cards so be sure to join us next week when we cover the multi-color and all the others!

If you have some suggestions about what cards will be good from Strixhaven that we didn’t talk about, want to share some new brews, or want to add some information to what we said in the show, join our Discord chat or send us a line on Twitter! We’d love to have you in the discussion!

Once more into the fray.

Jonathan Medina of Medina Streams on Twitch is back along with the First Pioneers to finish up all of the cards we couldn’t talk about in last week’s podcast. There are untold possibilities that Strixhaven could bring to the Pioneer format and we wanted to make sure all of our bases were covered. Today’s topic centers around all of the Strixhaven two color school cards, as well as our top 5 for the whole set. 

As always you can count on Kevin to be the voice of reason and competitive cards, Jonathan to mix in some EDH and talk about the buzz that’s been going around the MTG community, and Ryan to bring you some sweet, sweet jank. This episode has all of those in spades! Be sure to give it a listen!

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