The Juice box is a feature of Pack Club. It’s a box of 100 juicy cards. When you receive a juice box pull, you get one FREE random pull from the Juice Box. With a chance of winning BIG!

What’s in the Box?

This is just a sample of what the Juice box looks like.

The Juice Box will always have at least one BIG HIT. As you can see above, there was once a Doubling Season in the box. Since then we’ve given out that Doubling Season, as well as an Etched Foil Sakashima of a Thousand Faces.

Along with the big hits, I’ve currated the box to contain cards special cards. Among them are etched foils, extended art rares, cards with showcase frames and the occansional Commander staple. You can also pull, a Booster Tutor from the Box. If you do, then you get to open a booster pack and take the best card in it. There are three Booster Tutors, one is foil. If you hit a regular Booster Tutor we’ll open a Standard pack. If you hit the Foil, you’ll open a pack from the epic pack tier! We’ve done this twice, here’s one of the results.

How Do You Get Some Juice?

1) Purchase 3 packs to be opened on stream. If you’re a subscriber, your subscription packs also count towards the requirement.
2) If you are in the Knight tier of my Patreon. You get one pull at the monthly meeting.
3) Discretionary. Sometimes I’ll give out a pull as a show of appreciation, or if someone get’s a really bad beat.

I hope this answers all of your Juice Box questions! You can pick up stream packs or subscribe to Pack Club here! See you on stream!

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